Kendrick Johnson

On January 11. 2013 the body of Kendrick Johnson was found wrapped up in a gym mat in Lowdnes Highschool in Valdesto Georgia.

Kendrick was at school he was staying late for his basketball practice, When he didn’t come home his mom contacted police and they said don’t worry about it.

Well he still wasn’t found until the next day where he was found wrapped up in a gym mat. When they found him the gym mat was facing up and a lot of the kids would end up putting there gym shoes in these mats so they didn’t have to pay $1 to use the school lockers. He was actually sharing a pair of shoes with a friend. The corridor determined that his death was accidental. They said he fell into the mat while trying to get a shoe and blood rushed to his head and that is how he died. But Kendrick had bruises and scratches on him he also had vomited before death. They ask to see the body which by Georgia law if there is no flow play they are supposed to be able to see the body well they did not allow the family to see him right away it took getting an attorney to allow the family to see him. They also are supposed to give the family what he was wearing at the time of death which was a basketball shirt, shorts, socks, and a shoe but they only gave them some headphones that were in his pocket and not the other items.

2 students Bryan and Brandon Bell talked bad about Kendrick and several people knew about it including teachers. Their dad Rick Bell worked for the FBI and they became suspects. Brandon and Kendrick had gotten into a physical fight before this. Everyone else was really corporative but these two boys were told not to talk and get a lawyer some say this is due to guilt and their dad knew about the murder of Kendrick but honestly I would do the same to my kids if they are suspects in a Murder I would want them to have a lawyer as well.

Brandon was at school at the time. Bryan was suppose to be on a wrestling trip at that time.

Police say they have an audio recording to killing Kendrick.

Someone called Jackie Kendrick’s mom and said they had this tape that could change Kendricks case and they made her buy it. It has not been released yet to the public and it is not clear if it is a hoax or not.

The autopsy to his death claimed his death was accidental that he dropped his shoe in the mat and dove after it. A second autopsy was done where it was concluded that blunt force trauma was the main reason for his death.

Videos are blurry and a investigator says that the items were curropted when given to the police department, The school also had the option to give them to the sherrifs office. These cameras only record when movement is on. The camera picks up 12:04 pm and then picks back up at 1:09 pm The invesitgator said he would of expected to have some sort of record of them because the cameras going into the Gym show 7 males going in and out of that gym in that time that was not provided. He says he can’t be sure if it didn’t record , or someone didn’t give it there is also no video of the discovery of the body yet there was people in the gym at that time. It is suspicious that the time isn’t there. Kendrick Johnsons family still to this day have not received those videos.

it had been marked as a accidental death but after 8 years there is a new sheriff who is taking this seriously and as a new case.

The Johnson family has stated that the night before Kendrick was murdered the Bell boys got into a fight with Kendrick on the Bus this is not true according to witnesses and the bus driver. The fight happened months before the death of Kendrick.

Allibies of the two boys: At the time of Kendrick’s death Branden Bell was on his way to Macon, GA with his wrestling team to attend a tournament. In November 2014, Johnsons’ attorney Chevene King claimed to have found a travel log that detailed the wrestling bus leaving at 4pm, not at the previously stated 12:30pm. King was suggesting that an entire wrestling team, coaches, a bus driver, parents of the wrestlers, school administration, and the dozen or so teachers who excused the wrestling students from classes, all falsified an alibi for Branden Bell. And this was all orchestrated by Rick Bell, FBI agent extraordinaire. But the problem with that theory, as insane as it already sounds, is that the log King is referencing isn’t a travel log, but a trip request filled out by a wrestling coach weeks before that January 11. The 4pm written isn’t the time the bus was scheduled to leave, but the time the event was scheduled to start. When the trip request was written, the coach didn’t know what time the bus was to leave, as he had yet to speak to the bus driver. And just like as it was written on the trip request, the wrestling tournament in Macon began at 4pm. Branden Bellattended, and has an alibi from teammates, coaches, the bus driver, wrestlers’ parents, rival teams, the tournament weigh-in, etc., and has an alibi from teammates, coaches, the bus driver, wrestlers’ parents, rival teams, the tournament weigh-in, etc. He was seen on camera going in and out of that exact same gym that Kendrick was found right before he left for his wrestling trip. Kendrick is seen on camera after Brandon was seen which is to suggest that Kendrick was still alive when Brandon was passing the gym. But is it possible time stamps have been changed on the tapes? Possible yes.

It was Kenneth Johnson who identified his son’s body. He has claimed to the media that while making the identification he noticed that both the room and storage drawer Kendrick was in was heated. Jackie Johnson has also run with this and told reporters that the Valdosta Crime Lab purposefully heated her son’s remains in order to destroy evidence. This is heavily disputed by Leigh Touchton, who toured the lab and personally verified that alarms are armed to go off if room and storage temperature rises above the appropriate temperature. She also viewed the emergency generators that are tasked to keep the lab cool in emergencies.

The surveillance videos couldn’t be released without a court order because of FERPA laws, but according to both Leigh Touchton and Rev. Rose, the family was repeatedly invited to view the videos at the school board. Neither the Johnsons or their attorneys took them up on the offer. The attorneys for both Lowndes County School Board and Lowndes County Sheriffs office asked the Johnsons’ attorney Chevene King to file a motion with a judge to release the videos, but he never did. After months of no movement on King’s end, it was the attorneys for the school board and sheriff’s office, NOT the attorneys for the Johnsons, who finally filed a motion for the videos to be publicly released. But the Johnson attorneys took credit for it anyway.

Brian Bell was at the school at the time of the murder He says he was with some classmates and a teacher in the football supporters program FSU he claims he was never hear Kendrick of the death but there is speculation that people were covering for him or saw him for a while but not the entire time.

Theory 1: Because he was 5’10”, and the mats were 6′ tall (not 7′ tall) it seems pretty logical that would be able to reach in, grab his shoes and wiggle out. Personally, he could of that he held onto the side of the mat with his right hand and lowered himself down head-first intending to grab the shoe with his left hand. But when it came time to lift himself out, he realized that he didn’t have enough room to bend his elbow. Panicked, he lost his grip on the side of the mat and slid all the way down, which constricted him. In a further attempt to pull himself up while upside down he kicked off the shoes he had on his feet.

Theory two is that both boys did it and that his dad who is an FBI agent paid people off to vouge for the boys and knew how to cover stuff up with him being in the FBI. It isn’t too farfetched to think that an FBI agent could cover up this especially if his kids were involved. Or if the boys had issues in the past if perhaps even the father of the boys could have done something? Or someone else who isn’t being mentioned?

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