Kyron Horman

June 4, 2010 Skyline Elementary school in Portland, Oregon, was having a science fair. Seven-Year-old Kyron was a student there and that morning his stepmother, Terri Moulton, took him to school and helped him set up.

Shortly before Kyron’s birth in 2002, his biological parents, Desiree Davidson and Kaine Horman got divorced, and at first, they had shared custody over their son… however when Desiree ran into some medical problems, Kaine took over full custody so that Desiree could work on her health. In 2007 Kaine married Terri Moulton, whom he had dated since shortly after his divorce from Desiree, and the two welcomed a daughter in 2008. Desiree also got remarried to a man named Tony Young.

On the morning of the science fair, Terri helped him set up, and took a photo of Kyron with his project. Then, she left the school at around 8:45, claiming she saw Kyron heading to his class. She needed to go run some errands, as her daughter Kiara was having ear issues and she needed to get her some medicine. Terri proceeded to go to several different stores, as the first one apparently was out of the medicine that she wanted. Once she finds the medicine, she then drives around on rural roads to try and get her daughter to sleep after she had given her the medicine. Around 9 a.m., another student apparently sees Kyron in the school.

At 11:39 Terri checks in at her gym, and then ends up home at around 12:20. At 1:21 she uploads the pictures from the science fair to Facebook, showing off Kyron looking delighted over his project.

Kaine and Terri both walked to the bus stop that afternoon at about 3:30 to meet Kyron… but he didn’t get off the bus. Rushing to the school they learn that he was marked absent for the day, he hadn’t attended any of his classes. At about 3:45 911 is called and Kyron is reported missing.

The school hadn’t called when he was marked absent, because the school was under the impression that he had been taken to a doctor’s appointment. There is much confusion over this point as Terri claims she had told them he had a dr appointment the following Friday, June 11th… but that also really doesn’t make sense because the school would be out for summer then and so they wouldn’t need to know that he had an appointment that day.

A large-scale search began, the school, the area around it, and the family’s home were all closely looked at, checking any space at all it was possible that he could be in, though no one ever found any signs of him.

Later that month, Kaine filed for divorce and a restraining order against Terri.

Desiree, Kyron’s mother still does everything she can to keep the case in the spotlight, hoping even now 12 years later that they will get closure on what happened to Kyron.


He wandered off. The school is close to a forest-type area and some people think that perhaps he went to go explore and during these explorations got lost. Though, this doesn’t explain why he wasn’t ever found, as the area was searched very thoroughly!

Someone else at the science fair: during this time there would have been a lot of people in and out, it would have been an easy time for someone who possibly wouldn’t normally be at the school to get in and take a child.

Terri, it is a very very common theory that Terri had something to do with Kyron’s disappearance. She failed two polygraph tests when given questions about that day. There are also rumors that she blamed Kyron for the fact that her marriage had been struggling… though Kaine claims that the root of the problems started with Terri’s postpartum depression after their daughter was born. Even so, this could have been her reasoning as to why she wanted Kyron out of the picture, a last desperate act to try and save her marriage. Also, her alibi seems to have a lot of room for other things to be happening, as she drove along “rural” roads… while this is a fairly common thing to do when trying to get a child to sleep… it is also convenient that it is hard to account for exactly where she was during this time.

DeDe Spicher is another person frequently talked about in connection to this case. Terri had stayed with DeDe for a while after the restraining order had come through to keep her away from her home. When questioned about the day of Kyron’s disappearance, DeDe had informed police that she had been at home gardening that whole morning, though the owner of the home she lived in claimed she had left abruptly at about 11:30 and not returned until about 1 pm that day… and that she had been unreachable during that time. There have also been some reports of witnesses who saw Terri’s truck that day claiming to see two adult women in the vehicle.


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