Lauren Elizabeth Thompson

East Texas, January 2019. 33rd birthday would be 4/17…. Maiden name was Colvin. Mother to 3 children, now 4, 6, and 10.

2:04 pm, Lauren’s mother gets a phone call from, Lauren desperately wants to talk to everyone, her father, her children, she wants to tell them all she is sorry. Statement from

Something about sinking into quicksand in the call. Muddy, marshes???

At 2:24pm, there is a 911 call from her, that lasts 20-22 minutes… sadly since it is key evidence they haven’t released the whole call, however the claimed she is being chased, shot at and is very startled. No, gunshots were actually heard by the police. She gasps at the end, but her phone eventually dies. The area her phone last pings is very vast.

They do find her car in a ditch, it is possible due to some paint transfer that she could have been run off the road.

There are three people who have admitted to being with Lauren on the day she went missing. One of which claimed they had been fishing, and that he had been with her when the car went into the ditch. He claims he was going to go get help for the car and she ran into the woods…. and when he was found he was indeed at his house getting chains and his vehicle.

One of the people who claims to have been with her that day, has since passed away.

Many searches of the woods have been done, one of her shoes has been found, but nothing else that has been released. However, the area was also heavily flooded at that time which made it somewhat more difficult. They don’t know if she is still there in that area, or made it to a road and and got out.

Technically no physical proof of foul play, however most think she wouldn’t abandon her children.

Theories: she was on meth, and ran off into the woods delusional and died somewhere they haven’t yet found. That she owed someone money and so she staged her own disappearance. Questions as to why the person who went for help would leave her if she was tripping and that bad off; wonder if his car has been checked.

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