Lauren McCluskly

A colledge student at the U of U and a star athleete started dating a guy who she thought was Shawn who claimed he was 28 and working as a bouncer for only a month she learned that he lied about his age and the fact that he was a sex offender

Lauren called the police over 20 times. But her cries go unanswered

Lauren met him at a bar and her friends he claimed he was 28 but her friends thought he was older than he claimed he was 37 his real name wasn’t Shawn either it was Marvin Rowland

She broke up with him once she found out he was a sex offender. She let him spend the night but said he needed to leave in the morning. He borrowed her car that morning to run errons and then he asked her to meet him at the stadium parking lot to meet her to return her car. Her mother called campus police and asked them to accompany her to get her car. They said they were going to call her. They did call Lauren and they gave her a ride to her car. To retrive her car. 2 days later she calls police about the harassing text messages she is receiving and she was being blackmailed for money. A officer makes contact with her. She thought they weren’t taking this seriously and she calls slc police but they aren’t in that district they transfered her back to campas police. An arrest was never made and she said she feels like she was on her own and that she was bothering them. Her friends said they even called campus police and nothing was ever done. Campas police didn’t contact slc police which did have records of him being a sex offender in the system.

Monday october 22nd Rowland was at her dorm hanging out. At 8pm at night she gets out of class and called her mom to chat like she did. All of a sudden she yells NO NO NO and that is the last she heard form her daughter.

“I thought she might have been in a car accident. That was the last I heard from her. My husband called 911. I kept the line open and in a few minutes, a young woman picked up the phone and said all of Lauren’s things were on the ground.”

Police was dispatched to where Lauren’s cell phone was last pinged There they found Laurens body in the back seat of a car on campus after her worried mother called police, according to university Police Chief Dale Brophy

She had 3 bullet wonds in her head.

Officers then from what her firends and family had told them had there main suspect Rowland on a man hunt. They swarmed the campus over 15 police officers were called to the scene. Swat team was then called and they cornered him into a church where they found him dead with a self inflicted wound to the head.

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