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Christmas day 1929

Charlie Lawson bought matching pajamas for his whole family and had them for his whole family to wear on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day his two daughters Carrie who was 12 and Maybell who is 7 was on their way to their aunt’s house. While they were walking down to their aunt’s house their father shot both of them in the head, then bludgeoned them with a hammer until they were unrecognizable and then he took them into the Tobacco barn to hide the bodies. With his wife thinking the kids went to their aunts’ and uncle’s house Charlie went into the home and shot his wife Fannie in the head with his shotgun. Marie Heard and saw his dad shoot his mom and screamed she was 17 she took her two brothers into hiding was James who was 4 and Raymond who was 2. Charlie found Marie and shot her in the head before killing the two little boys and the baby Mary Lu who was 4 months old. He placed them all in the tobacco barn one by one with their arms crossed. Charlie went into the woods before putting a bullet into his brain. The only survivor was Aurthur who was told to run an arrons before the massacre. He came home to his whole family dead. Or did Charlie not kill everyone? Did Arthur kill his family and blame it on his dad?


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