Lisa Stebic

Lisa Stebic, was five foot two inches, a hundred and twenty five pounds with brown hair brown eyes, and several tattoos: a rose on her ankle, a butterfly on her lower back and a pink heart on her abdomen. lived in Plainville, Illinois which is a pretty small little village! Despite being small, it isn’t necessarily the safest as far as crime rate goes, so I’m not certain if the crime rates aren’t even low the appeal of living in such a small town! She had been married for fourteen years to her husband Craig and had two kids, Zach and Lexi who were 10 and 12. She had a degree in hotel and restaurant management and she worked as a food assistant at an Elementary school. Over all, she had a pretty average life.

Average, but not necessarily happy! In 2006 police had been called to their home over a verbal domestic dispute, and the two had filed for divorce. While they still lived together they lived mostly separate lives since they were technically separated and in the process of divorcing. She had also recently contacted her attorney asking for Craig to be ordered out of the house, she stated that he was: “Unnecessarily relentless, cruel, inconsiderate, domineering, and verbally abusive.” While living together wasn’t ideal, the split was mutual, neither of them were really fighting to get the other one back, it is rumored that she may have even begun dating again.

May 1, 2007 Lisa was reported missing by a neighbor… not her husband or her children but a neighbor. Apparently the husband called the neighbor to see if she had seen Lisa… but still why didn’t HE file the missing report. It is possible that she had spoken to the neighbor saying that if she ever went missing, they should alert the police. The husband said he has last seen her the day before, April 30th, around 6pm. He said he believed she had gone for a workout, which would have been a fairly normal and routine thing for her. Her vehicle was in the garage, which I suppose is normal if she went running or something… but if she normally went running at a gym or somewhere not just around her neighborhood this could be strange… She often did go to a gym not just running. Her purse and phone were gone, but neither had any activity…. would you take you purse running?

At the time she left, the children were on a bike ride to the store to get candy, having been given money from Craig.

Craig wasn’t really interested in helpful in the investigation, and he was listed as a person of interest but has never been listed as an official subject. After she went missing he had the court dismiss his divorce petition. He has full custody of the children.

Upon a search of the house, many guns were found… Craig was a hunter which explains some of them but there were also guns that wouldn’t have been so useful while hunting… Also a tarp with blood was found in the back of his truck, it was Lisas…. though it wasn’t enough to prove fatal so they couldn’t really use it to prove much without a body.

Her family, feels she was murdered.


Obviously Craig is thought by a lot of people to have killed her…. but if he did it how is he hiding it?

Whoever she might have been dating… this person was starting to gain her trust and then perhaps she got in the car with them and something happened.

Something related to Stacy Peterson, who’s case happened in the same general area around the same time in a similar situation.

Random abduction… harder because still doesn’t explain why she would leave without her car, how they got in the house, convenient the kids were gone at that time.


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