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I grew up in a house where paranormal events were kinda regular. Poltergeist types of things were common to the point where you just get used to them. But besides hearing something I had never seen something so vivid as that “one” night.

I remember this particular night as the last night for at least a decade that I slept with my door open (not that it could make much of a difference).

I was 12 years old went to bed at 10 pm as always, then I woke up in the middle of the night. This was not an unusual feat because I do have a light sleep so I tend to wake up then fall sleep after a couple of minutes. When I woke up I looked at the corridor that was right next to my bedroom. As you all know after a while of complete darkness, your eyes tend to get used to the lack of light and your vision adjust so you can star seeing things, well when i was looking at the corridor I saw this figure, kinda like human figure about 1,2 mts (3,9 ft according to google). It was like a girl with long hair, she was walking right past my bedroom. This figure was darker than the night. It was like no light at all was coming/reflecting from her. Since this was a whole new level of paranormal experience for me I just stood there watching her. She was just walking on the corridor from left to right, from right to left a couple of times, until suddenly she stops right at the middle of the corridor at my door level. She just stood there for a few seconds and then I saw it turning towards me. There were no features at all that I could see from her, except what I thought it was her long black hair.
At that point, in a sort of cowardness I covered myself with my blankets and sheets and just stayed there full awake waiting for something waiting for her to do something. But.. she never came to me (i think). After a couple of hours I just fell sleep.
At the next morning I told my mom, but she just said that those cartoons were really getting into me.

Anyway.. to this day I do believe what I saw that night was real. It wasn’t a case of sleep paralysis or just a very lucid dream.

My current girlfriend encouraged me to share this story here because I wanna know i someone else has seen something darker than darkness itself, if it is so, what do you think it could be?

Something paranormal?Something our brains can’t comprehend and we just see it as pitch black? or a bit of both?


Back in 2019 my uncle was working as a nurse for autistic kids snapped one day and killed everyone on his floor including the kids.


My son claims to have a past life he would say his old name was Adam and he could describe this house in detail of where he used to live he even knew where he was buried.


I recently have been having a reoccurring dream for the past 8-10years of me being on the same space ship(I am in space) looking out at the stars. Every dream I witness new events/places and rooms of the ship, but ultimately go back to the room where I see the stars outside of the ship.

I always have a feeling of love or kindness when I think of the ship. I’m always kept company by a “presence” that I never see or hear, however it reinforces me constantly it means me no harm. It’s as if this presence knows me and cares about me and is taking me on a tour of the ship.

In my waking hours, When getting ready for bed I’ll see shadowy figures kind of moving and morphing (barely noticeable in the darkness), it can be a bit terrifying but I remind myself there’s nothing to fear but fear itself and then I feel calm again and fall asleep shortly after.

I’ll sometimes wake up to flashes of light(almost like a camera flash) and it’ll startle me awake. I have child hood dreams as well of the process of my abduction(I remember this as a dream. Not sure if it was real)

Is it possible abductions can be remembered as dreams instead of events? I feel that I may have been abducted through my life(tons of “dreams” that I remember to this day-they started at 5 and I’m 29 now)

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