Margaret Fox

New Jersey Burlington

June 24/1974

14 year old went to take a babysitting job

At the time of her disappearance she was missing her two front teeth

Source FBI website

Margaret was last seen in Burlington, New Jersey on June 24, 1974. She was planning to go to High and west Broad Streets in Mount Holly, New Jersey to have an interview with a man who called himself John Marshall.

Margaret had advertised for a babysitting job in the local newspaper , and “Marshall” responded to the ad on June 19. He told her he needed a babysitter for the following weekend he was going to pay $40 plus bus fair, but he postponed meeting her several times. Finally he said he would meet her in a red Volkswagen when she got off the bus. He gave Margaret a telephone number to reach him. He told her mother that his wife would bring her home at 2:30 and she was suppose to be there at 11am

Her mother tried calling this phone number when her daughter didn’t come home on time and someone answered and said you know you are calling a pay phone right? This is when it struck Mrs.Fox and knew something was seriously wrong

A&P grocery store on Route 38 in Lumberton.

In the hours after Margaret was reported missing, police started recording all phone calls placed to her residence. Once was from a man who demanded $10,000 for Margaret’s safe return. He stated, “$10,000 might be a lot of bread, but your daughter’s life is the buttered topping.” This caller has never been identified. You can listen the call here on the FBI website.

Margaret has never been heard from again and “John Marshall” has never been identified. Several other parents in the area complained that someone had attempted to lure their daughters with fake job offers. A suspect’s 1976 confession to involvement in her disappearance was widely publicized, but turned out to be a hoax. These other girls never took this babysitting job. There are no other reports of missing girls taking babysitting jobs around that area around the same time frame as Margaret.

Sketch of the man the FBI wants to talk to.

There was a man named John marshell who worked in a grocery store close to the pay phone the same pay phone Mrs.Fox had the number for but police said he was ruled out because he was friends of the sheriff and the sheriff said he was a good family man with 5 daughters and would never do anything like this. Now I would hope that the years since then they have talked to this man and fully ruled him out due to other reasons. But who knows. Anyone could of used this guys name theoretically.

Margaret took piano lessons in 1974 and she liked to ride horses. She graduated from St. Paul’s Grammar School in Burlington two weeks before she vanished. Her parents are now deceased, but her siblings are still alive, and some still live in the Burlington area. Her case remains unsolved.

What about Robert Zarinsky the serial killer from 1969-1975 until he was caught he was a serial killer around her area and killed at least 5 girls ages 14-17 some speculate he was the killer of Margaret

There have been several bodies found that they though were margrets but with forensics now they have all been ruled out to not be her.

She could still be alive today who knows if her captor still has her or even she might of escaped.

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