Maureen Webster

March 2019

Maureen and her husband Jeff had a night out together and had dinner when they got home Jeff remembered setting the house alarm.

Jeff remembers hearing a bang while he was in the kitchen Maureen was upstairs.

“All of a sudden, I heard this explosion above my head,” he recalled. “And I was bleeding all over the place and I had thought she had thrown some firecrackers at me.”

Jeff says that Maureen came downstairs they were both stunned and then he fell to the ground

“I was bleeding everywhere and I can’t see anything and then the next thing I knew I woke up on the floor and I was blind,” he said.

There was another round of gunfire, but Webster claimed he never heard the sounds going off.

“All I know is I woke up on the ground and all I could hear is ‘Jeff I’m hit, I’m hit.’ I say with what? In my mind, I thought something had exploded in the house or something.”

Little did he know that those would be the last words he would ever hear from his wife. The alarms from his house were going off. He didn’t call the police but he said that he knew someone had to of called the police and they had to be on their way. He said then he crawled to the front door and unlocked it so the police could come in.

A neighbor called the police after they arrived Jeff says he remembers no one helping him that they just kept shouting we’ve got to help your wife. “I was just sitting there no one was helping me there were 3 or 4 of them one of them should have been helping me.” Jeff was taken to the hospital and the first thing he asked for was where is his wife. And they notified him she died.

A 911 call brought Sandy police to their home near 11200 South and 900 East.  When they arrived, police heard screams coming from the inside. The front door was open and police entered.  They found the husband and wife shot but alive.  But the wife, Fiore-Webster, died later.  En route to the hospital, Webster told police who may have shot them.

She was shot in the chest two times with a shotgun and pellets ripped through her torso.

A family friend visited him at the hospital where he realized it was not an accidental explosion that killed his wife.

“He said ‘Jeff, this might be a hit you know’ and I said ‘why are you saying that?’ and he said like ‘you got shot,” Webster said. “I said ‘I got shot? From who, with what, where?’”

Sandy police began searching for clues inside and outside of the home.

Two women were named as suspects who had made threats to the family before.

Over the past year, police have executed four search warrants and have requested the women’s cell phone records, text messages, and cell phone tower data.  But a year later, the case remains unsolved.

“Of course we would all like to see closure with this case,” said the father.  But these things take time.  It’s not a cold case they are actively investigating it.  You just have to wait it out and hopefully, something will move.”

Thankfully Jeff’s son was not at the house at the same time.

There was glass blown from the back window with a shotgun you can shoot a shotgun through the glass and you don’t have to be a good shot.

Jeff’s Baby momma stalked him and would threaten him Jeff had a protective order against her and his other ex-girlfriend.

Jeff thinks it could have been one of these two women. Or that someone hired someone else to do the job.

Police have executed 4 warrants and these women claimed that Jeff is a drug dealer that got in over his head. There are no police records with Jeff of anything like this. He’s now blind in one eye and is paralyzed. Jeff’s goal is to hire a private investigator to help solve this case.

Paramedic accused of poisoning wife with Visine drops it is not unreasonable that could happen.


Questions to ask Jeff:

You said two women have threatened you in the past you had relationships with both of them what were their names?

Did you have a protective order against either of them?

How long were you and Maureen together? 3 1/2 years

estition license

Febuary 2016


he’s in bed

he revealed in therapy.

2008 Mary lee bipolar psycho wards uni 12 days no drugs lake view.

drove off a cliff

Alex says they are trying to hurt him.

Krista cutler John says she raped dad sends someone out

Do you think the assailants were attacking just her? Or did they mean to hit both of you?

Do you know if any of your neighbors saw anything or if their prevalence saw anything or maybe any vehicles that weren’t normally in the area?

Do you feel like the police have done everything they could?

glass break alarm triggered

Did you actually see your wife’s body?

or is she perhaps missing?

Matt crook

Maureen father


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