Michael Dunahee

The case we are going to talk about today is in memory of the 30th anniversary of the event!

Little Michael Dunahee was born May 12, 1986, was an average little boy, he had loving parents as well as a six month old new little sister. They lived in Victoria British Columbia Canada, and on March 24, 1991 his family went out to Blanshard Elementary school where his mother was going to practice flag football.

Being a typical four year old, Michael was more interested in the playground toys nearby and he asked his parents if he could go play while his mother played football. Hesitantly, his parents agreed after all the playground was in sight of the field so his mother told him that he may go and that he was to wait at the playground until his father came for him.

A little while later, his father went over to the playground to collect him and he couldn’t find his young son. He instantly began searching, there were many other people there for the practice and over 50 people were searching…. when he wasn’t quickly found the authorities were notified and it soon became one of the largest searches in British Columbia.

The police instantly classified this case as an abduction, due to the short time span in which he went missing from such a public place. Michael was last seen wearing: a blue hooded jacket, over top of a teenage mutant ninja turtles t-shirt, rugby pants and blue sneakers. Despite the large amount of people who had been around him no one had seen him be taken.

This is so strange to me, that no one saw him, I feel like there would have been some sort of screaming or yelling as he was taken, how did his abductor bribe him away so quietly? I mean, it was such a short time, and such a crowded area why would he just go with someone?

Some people say that they saw a man is his late 40’s or early 50’s who had been near the playground. Also, a brown van was spotted nearby. I’m not sure how they determined this to be suspicious as opposed to the large amount of other people and cars, but since it is reported I’m assuming they have information they aren’t sharing.

Many alleged sighting over the years but none have been a DNA match.

Theories: Abducted, someone random took him, some feel wanted a child, some feel he was sold for black market adoption.

Some people, though it seems extremely unlikely, feel that he wandered off on his own…

Vernon Seitz. Confessed to a psychiatrist that he had killed in 1959 and new of another child killing later on. He had a missing poster of Michael in his home along with child porn and books on cannibalism… but no real proof or tires. He died of natural causes before more could be investigated.

There is an urban legend that there are tunnels under Victoria… some places really do have these tunnels. People think he was taken under these tunnels.

A Satanic cult. This gets into a real wormhole, there is a lot of crazy stuff, so I’ll just skim the top. It was the 25th year of the age of Satan… which is apparently the Feast of the Beast. It was a Palm Sunday seven days before Easter and seven streets away from Easter street. Michelle Proby, was from Victoria and claims that she had rituals performed on her, and people believe that the two are related… though Michelle’s family denies everything… some believe the same group related to Michelle Proby is related to Michael.

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