Military man charged with murdering his wife.

On Saturday, August 5, the couple went out with friends to celebrate Zarrius Hildabrand’s 21st birthday. According to the magazine, a neighbor reported hearing a gunshot in the early hours of Sunday but chose not to investigate out of fear. Despite not having her phone with her when she is alleged to have left her home, Saria Hildebrand is reported to have texted her coworkers that day to let them know she wouldn’t be coming into the office. Zarrius Hildabrand eventually admitted to having only one gun, according to the police report, which also stated that Hildabrand allegedly purchased new bedding, hydrogen peroxide, and a 96-gallon garbage can.

According to NBC News, police conducted a thorough search utilizing aerial drones before discovering Saria Hildabrand’s death. The Law & Crime Network said that the couple had only recently become husband and wife, claimed that her body had been discovered in a storm drain, and cited a police report claiming that a bloody mattress had been discovered inside the couple’s residence.

After a woman from Alaska went missing for several days, her body was discovered, and her soldier husband was apprehended and charged with her murder.

Saria Hildabrand, an Alaska National Guard physician who had been missing since August 7, was found dead. The horrific discovery prompted Anchorage police to turn their missing persons case into a homicide investigation. The Army cannon crew member was detained at Anchorage Jail on charges of first- and second-degree murder as well as tampering with evidence after his husband, Zarrius Hildabrand, also 21, was swiftly apprehended on Friday, August 11.

In Anchorage, Alaska, Zarrius Ray Hildabrand, 21, was detained on suspicion of two counts of murder and one count of tampering with evidence after his wife’s body was discovered in a storm drain.

The young couple were both members of the military, with Zarrius Hildabrand a cannon crewmember assigned to the 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne) of the 11th Airborne Division at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage. Saria Hildabrand, a combat medic, was a member of the Alaska Army National Guard.

At 4:30 p.m., Hildabrand will show up in the Anchorage courtroom for a pre-indictment hearing. Before charging him, the judge will hear from the defense and the prosecution at the hearing. It is unknown if he will face charges in the U.S. Army’s legal system, federal court, or state court.

The passing of Spc. Saria Hildabrand has shocked and devastated the entire Alaska National Guard squad. Her family and friends have our deepest sympathies in the aftermath of this horrible loss.

“Spc. Hildabrand made an oath to sacrificially serve and protect not only the state of Alaska, but also the entire country, a devotion deserving of respect and awe. Everyone on the crew from the Alaska National Guard is affected by her tragic death. Her absence will be felt deeply.

Meredith Barney, the mother of Saria Hildabrand, told reporters that she never worried about her daughter’s safety while she was with Zarrius Hildabrand, but she is now hoping he will stay in detention.

Zarrius Hildabrand made an appearance in court on Friday, although it is yet unclear how he plans to plead.

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