Murders of Celebration

Matteo Giovanditto was a retired school teacher living in the town of Celebration. He moved around a lot, jumping teaching from school to school all throughout the 80’s and then landed in Celebration when he retired.

During the 90’s he used craigslist to seek out partners on craigslist… In 2010 he asked a transient man, David-Israel Murillo to wash his car… then it became the 1st homicide ever in the 20 year history of celebration.

Matteo was attacked with an ax, and strangled with a shoelace. David claims that after being hired Matteo drugged him and tried to sexually assault him. He was looking for his shoes when he cam across the ax. David once said that his victim “Got what he deserved.”

Now, at first this seems at little harsh for coming onto a man, even if he was drugged, but upon further investigation I wonder if David had known more about the man than just being hired by him to was his car.

Turns out that Matteo was an alleged sex offender. He would frequently befriend his students and take them on through a big brother program and take them on trips… some of the children say it was all in fun but many of them also claimed that he manipulated them into doing things.

I have to wonder if David had knowledge of the allegations when he committed the crime. it would help explain the comment of getting what he deserved.

The Todt family was a family of 5 living in celebration. Anthony, is wife, Megan, and their three children, Alec (13), Tyler(11), and Zoe(4).

On December 29, 2019 an out of state family member called in to authorities asking for a welfare check because they hadn’t heard from the family in several days and they had all had the flu. No one inside the house was technically contacted but nothing suspicious was able to be seen.

Police later returned, there was a warrant for Anthony’s arrest on a business related charge, and that is when the horrible scene was found.

Megan, Alec and Tyler had all suffered stab wounds to the abdominal area. The boys were black and had started decomposition. The youngest child had no physical trama but was found wrapped in a blanket at the end of the bed. Even the family dog, Breezy, had been killed. They had all been overdosed on benadryl.

On Monday, the Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s Office released a jail call made in February between Todt and a relative.

“I don’t remember anything over Christmas and pretty much the first week I got here,” Todt said during the 15-minute call, obtained by Click Orlando. “I don’t remember coming here. I don’t remember anything.”

While discussing where his belongings should go, Todt mentioned his daughter’s Mickey Mouse necklace that he wanted to find. He claimed Zoe wanted the necklace “for reasons you’ll find out later.”

Different accounts, some say he didn’t remember anything, some say he blamed the wife, but it does seem like he has confessed.

The sons were found holding rosaries.

When he was 4 he saw the attempted murder of his mother… She was shot through the head… but survived. His father was convicted of this, claims say he hired someone to do it, though his father still claims innocence.

Anthony had been committing insurance fraud, patients of his were being billed for sessions that had never occurred. (He was a physical therapist) He was also, in addition to these lawsuits and allegations in a huge amount of debt. The family was even facing eviction.

They are pushing for the death penalty.

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