Mysterious Daybells

Update June 11,2020

In Chad’s late wife they found traces of poison in her system which gave them a reason to get a warrant to search Chad’s home in Rexburg. Where they found two sets of human remains which then gave authorities a reason to arrest Chad Daybell.

Lori Daybell has been charged with child abandonment and obstructing the investigation and is in jail on $1 million bond. She’s pleaded not guilty. The Idaho attorney general’s office has said it was investigating Chad Daybell in the death of his first wife, Tammy Daybell. He has been charged with felony destruction, alteration, or concealment of evidence. No one has been officially charged with any murder charges yet,

Update March 17,2020

Friday March 13th Lori’s Lawyers stepped down as defending Lori saying they couldn’t consciously represent there client to the best of there abilities. Which to me raises a red flag. I wonder if she admitted to doing something to her children that is speculation as to why they stepped down. The current judge in the Daybell case also stepped down on Friday.

She is currently facing 5 counts in the case of her missing children and two felony charges desertion and nonsupport of dependent children and one misdemeanor count each of resisting and obstructing an officer, solicitation of a crime and contempt.

She still claims she is innocent.

Her next hearing date is May 7th.

We found out in October Lori visited a storage unit that contained kids bikes, photo albums, clothing and other kids personal items. She and sometimes two other unknown men visited this storage unit 9 times in October and once in September.

On October 2nd one guy is seen with her they originally thought it was her brother but a closer look it honestly to me looks like Chad. In this video they put a tire in the storage unit. Then they put what appears to be a removable back seat of a car into the storage unit as well. He then grabs her ass. this entire video is 7 mins. A theory is that tire is the tire to the Jeep that Tylee drove regularly and that was the same Jeep that was seen when the shooting occurred to Melinies astrange husband which is Lori’s niece. It is also believed that is also the back seat of the Jeep as well that was put into the storage unit as well.

The next day she came back to the storage unit. With another man that does appear to be Alex her late brother. he then carries the tire out of the storage unit. He is also apearing to keep looking around making sure no one is around. He also carries the car seat out by himself the first man in the first video carried it with Loris help. Police have now ceased all items in that storage unit as well as the Jeep.

Update: March, 2,2020

“The kids are safe.” That is what Chad Daybell, the husband of the woman arrested over the disappearance of her two Idaho children.

Lori beleives she is a “god assigned to carry out the work of the 144,000 at Christ’s second coming in July 2020

She try to sell JJ’s special needs dog for $2,500

Megan Bosswell babysitter she was questioned in court but She told neighbors and a babysitter he had gone to stay with his grandmother.

She has a $5,000,000 bail two felony counts of desertion and nonsupport of children shes been moved from Hawaii to Idaho on March 4th

She was arrested for child abandonment child endangerment non complying with an officer

Tylee had joined her mother and Alex her brother on a day trip to Yellowstone National Park on Sept. 8. A photo of the girl at the park was discovered on Vallow’s iCloud account, the affidavit said, time-stamped with that date. It is “the last time we can find any record of [Tylee] being with Lori Vallow,” a Rexburg police detective wrote.

Lori abandoned her two minor children, delayed law enforcement’s attempts to locate her children, and encouraged another individual to delay law enforcement’s attempts to locate her children,

What happened to the daybell family?

People involved

Lori Daybell currently married to Chad Daybell

Tammy Daybell who was Chad’s recently ex wife is dead

Alex the brother of the wife Lori is dead

two kids are missing Tylee Ryan and JJ vallow

Tylee Ryan

no one has seen them since septemeber

police beleive there lifes are endangered

Chareles who was Loris husband

Brandond who is Melinies ex husband she is Loris neice

CJ who is the son of Lori non deceased Or also named Colby

Chad was a LDS writter 26 books they were married for 20 years and had two kids together but two weeks after her death Chad remarried.

Tammy occrding to her obituarry saying it was due to natural causes

Chad declined autopsy

Lori had her husband charels vallow who killed him was Alex

then Alex was dead a few months later 8 months

Charels claimed Lori changed and said that she joined a cult named the LDS church

this group calls themselves preparing the people of the LDS church which are beings preparing themselves for the second coming of god.

Lori claimed that she was in January charels that she was a translated being who was sent by god who was being gifted by god to send the 1400 into the menelilum she also told charles that if she got in the way of him she was going to dispose of him and an angel would help dispose of his body. 6 months before he died

2 years ago when she became lds she became a monster according to her sister she become obsessed with the LDS church

Lari who was Charles sister said that he would just call her at night sobbing not knowing what to do for his saftey or the childeren

Charles sister said he was terrified he filed for divorce and filed for protection he undussessfuly tried to get the police to put her under a 72 hour protective hold mentally but it didn’t happen He was worried about the kids she had two kids 17 tylee who her husband died of a heart attack before remarrying and JJ who was addopted with Charles and Lori

she was pulling away from her children and husband and closer to the LDS church

july 11 2019 charells who has moved out of state he comes back to pick up some stuff and get JJ According to the bodycam of police Alex said that he came to get JJ and his sister Lori took his phone from him and refused to give it back so then he got violent with his sister while trying to get the phone back. Alex Loris sister it was said they got into a fight and and illegably Charels hit him with a baseball bat and alex went to his room and pulled a gun and told him to put the bat down before shooting him twice in the chest and killed him the cops cliamed that he was in self defense and it was over. Nothing was said that was it the case was closed. The case has since then been reopened.

Lori married 5 times

Chad and Lori was having an affair in 2008 according to family since they both went to an LDS meeting. Lori wasn’t happy that Charles didn’t want to convert.

Lori moved to Rexburg where Chad lived and his wife was still alive

He was also involved in the lds church and his belifes

October 2nd a man named Brandon Brawdow was shot at when going to the gym with a drive by shooting he was married to Melinie who was Loris niece,

the bullet missed his head by a few milimiters

apparently the kids were inside but she asked them to stay inside and after the gun shot she took them to school and then called 911

the jeep that shot at him was registured to Charels this is the car that Tylee normally drived who is already dead

She said he wanted a divorce 2 weeks after Melanie to someone of the LDS religion

Tylee has been missing since september and it’s october who else has keys to this vehicle

brandon and his four kids are still in hiding as of right now

Tammy daybell a week later someone shoots at her with a paintball gun she posted in a neighborhood fb group something weird just happed and i wanted you to know about it. Someone with a ski mask and what looked like a paintball gun was shooting at her but she thought it wasn’t loaded she yelled for chad and he chased after him. she thought that this was a sick prank and she called the police but someone else thinks that it wasn’t a prank but a misfire. And she would of been dead that day if not for that.

Tammys story is important she was from the passidihna California and she was originally a charter member from the mentally gifted students member her family moved to utah when she was 13 she played the drums she loved books and reading and then went to BYU her freshmen year she met Chad and fell in love while she was supporting them march 1990 married she worked as a secretary while she provided for both of them financially. while Chad was still in school. while chad was still in school. She then became involved in geneology then when they had kids she became a stay at home mom when they moved to ogden she took them to the libary often to pass on her love of books then she became a computer teacher when they moved to springville utah then in 2004 she became a CFO for a company that designed LDS book covers. She was a good person and a kind person she was also complimented and told a computer genius and now she is gone. From “Natural causes?” Was it natural? or something sinister

2 weeks after Tammy was laid to rest Lori and Chad were married and Lori’s family was concerned about Loris 7 year old son. Loris family contacted the police to do a wellfare check and Lori had told them that her son was living with some family in Arazonia for now. Which that was false actually the so called family that she cliamed was with her 7 year old son was the ones that called the police to do a wellfare check on the boy. The police then went to go to Lori and Chads house once again to confront her and ask her why she lied about that but she was gone. Chad is gone and her 7 year old son and her daughter are now all missing. Never reported missing by either of them

Since this happened the police opened up a case and have since then done a autopsy report on Tammy. To see if she really died of natural causes. on December 12th Alex Lori’s brother is found dead in his apartment in Arizona. This is the same day that police open up an investigation against Lori and Chad.

Alex shot Lori’s ex husband they didn’t like each other and Alex before this had been violent towards her other husbands he had previous arrests with assault with a deadly weapon. There is a theory that Alex is the masked man that Tammy saw and it is possible that it wasn’t a paintball gun like she suspected but a real gun that just missfired it is also posible that it was also the one that killed her. It is also a theory that he was in the LDS church as well believing in the end of the world and that Tammy wasn’t a faithful servant to the LDS church and to her husband that Lori convinced Alex to dispose of her so that her and Chad could be together to spread gods will together. They believe according to Chads books that the second coming is near and that we need to prepare for that.

Two weeks after this insident Melinie Loris neice decided to text her ex husband and tell him that she was moving to Rexburg to be closer to Lori which is also where Chad lives at this time. At this time Lori is not yet married to Chad.

Alex’s dead is unknown at this time they have not released any information on how he died. Or if anything was in his system or if he had an autopsy.

The only remaining witnesses that are now missing which are Lori her two children Where’s Tylee and JJ? JJ has medication that he needs to take he has Autism he has to take it every day and it hasn’t been refilled.

Tammy’s autopsy has now been fufilled but they haven’t said what was her cause of death yet but it did make it have probable cause to search Chads home and they did say they collected evidence and are going to go through it. But they haven’t released what that is just yet. january 2nd

They have gone competely off the map but Lori and Chad are communicating through a lawyer in Rexburg but within the satement that the lawyer made he did not say if the kids were at all okay or where they were.

Lawyer quote “Chad Daybell was a loving husband and has the support of his children in this matter. Lori Daybell is a devoted mother and resents assertions to the contrary,” Attorney Sean Bartholick told the outlet. “We look forward to addressing the allegations once they have moved beyond speculation and rumor.”

They are just person of interest right now not suspects. Julie Rowe claims to know where the Children are she has since been ex communicated from the church she claimed that she entered the spirit world and was shown the past present and the future and these events would be glorious and tragic. she had a near death experiance and then she claimed that she saw this man named John showed her all of these things and she was meant to spread her word. She claimed she hasn’t met Chad in person but in spirit form until July 2014 and she met Tammy she said immedently that she had a vision she said that Tammy would be going to the other side soon. Julie claims that she never told Chad. But Chad came to her and said he had the same revolution and that he was very sad about it. She said he did some cleansing to him. Julie said she never met Lori and Julie said that her angels said to stay away from Lori. He says that Lori is bad news and said that she scanned Chad and he was distrought he said that her and Julie had the same vision and it was Tammy dieing in a car accident and it was suppose to happen a year ago not being shot.

Julie got a messaged saying that Tammys life was extended and Chad claimed to have the same message and he claimed to be grateful that he had more time with his wife. Julie said that her angels told her she was going to die soon and then she said that she saw Tammy dressed in white with her family welcoming her She told Chad this that she was going to die soon.

Julie also claims that she travels to different galaxies and has seen aliens and she helps there spirits as well

Julie also claims that she has talked to Tammy since she passed on and she was dressed all in white and she is having a good time with her family in the sunshine.

Julie also went on to say there is moles in the FBI and these moles are trying to set Chad up to say that he did murder his wife and these moles need to be delt with. If Chad and Juile were seeing the death of his wife do you think they ever told her? If my husband had a vision of me dying I would want to know. If Juiles has these powers/abilites as she claims why can’t she tell us where they are she claims she knows they are safe and that the angels are not telling her where they are for her own protection. But Evil will be reviled.

Chad had a podcast called preparing the people which is about protecting yourself for the second coming chad has spoken at LDS events.

Chad spring creek book company

spoke last 2019 in Idaho

Lori also was on the podcast preparing the people but doesn’t own the podcast just was on as a guest.

JJ or joshuah is 7 brown hair brown eyes 50 lbs 4ft

Tylee is 17 years old blonde hair 5ft 160lbs

Lori is suspected to of stolen $35,000 from her deceased husband alleged she did

hopefully those two haven’t harmed the kids thinking that the second coming is coming and they will be together soon thinking they are bringing them to a better place

Lori claimed that she was the reincarnation of Joshph smiths wife one of the 56

43 items was taken from the daybell home some were forensic items such as hair or blood

Colby Ryan, the oldest son of Lori Vallow — sent this link to me. For the first time, he publicly pleads with his mother to “do the right thing” as his siblings are still missing.

Grandparents speak out His grandparents raised him for the first 10 months of his life Charels and Lori wanted to adopt him and they allowed it. He was Charels sisters biological child.

All that his grandparents and her son has said a facetime with the kids just to know they are okay to know that they are okay is all they want

July someone was trying to shoot at Brandon the nieces husband two weeks later she got the text. Melinie remarried to someone in the LDS church in nevada in november.

October Brandon fights for custody of his kids with Melinie

Daybell has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Brigham Young University.

Preparing a people

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