Nick and Mark Ivins


September 3 2010

a package 3 months later was sent to a friend of Nicks after he went missing the post man said it had been lost in the mail for some time. Inside this box was a video camera, the charger to the camera a USB cord a camera light, a case containing 6 memory cards an external hard drive.

Nick drove by himself to the Basto pleasent mills cemetery

at the end of the first video after him going to the bridge by this old church that has the numbers 1808 on them I went frame by frame on these videos and I honestly can’t see anything but some people swear there is a man in all black standing behind him. Whether or not that is the case you can tell in his face that he is terrified of whatever he saw or thinks he saw.

I went through frame by frame and I can’t see anything but I can hear a dog barking in the background so maybe it was a dog?

September 10th he goes back to the cemetery this time with his friend Austin. So they go back to the bridge where Nick claimed he saw something this time they go under the bridge and then they see someone or something that they caught on camera. It looks like to be a pale man. Some people call this a goblin-like figure. They then heard a splash and some footsteps. Like something was running towards them. They quickly get into their car and go back to Nicks’s house that same day. That same night there was some weird hand-like thing behind the curtain but no one was there. The air also turned super cold, cold enough so you could see his breath.

They went back to that cemetery on September 18th There were strange lights this time and Nick and Mark went together and followed them. They found this strange unmarked book that was shown in the video. Nick takes the book. Soon after taking the book, they start to be followed right by the church. After they notice someone standing behind them they ran into their car and went home. The next week they started to experience paranormal activity. Blinds opening and shutting all by themselves. Man-like figures showing up outside and on the walls, doors closing on their own and couches being overturned.

They went back on September 27th to the cemetery and then went into the forest right by it. Nick Austin and Mark found an old house that looked like it had been burned down a long time ago. Nick and Austin went in Mark said it was too creepy and he didn’t want to go in. They said in the video that it smells the smell they described was it just mold or could it of been a body? After they went in for what they said was a half-hour Mark was nowhere to be found. They called the police and police scowered the whole cemetery. He was never seen again

On November 2nd Nick went back to the cemetery in the video that was sent to his school aquatiance Some people say they can see a man with a white face holding what looks like an axe and then it shows him running and then the video turns off these videos were sent to his school aquatience. Some say that it could of been someone who lived in that cemetery and didn’t like the boys messing around some others say that it was some sort of demon who attacked the boys and dragged them to hell. The boys have never been found.

Some think it was all a stunt to scare people and have a reason for the boys to disappear and start new lives but there isn’t anything bad going on at home that was know they had good parents who loved them and there friend Austin said they never talked about doing that.

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