Paige Johnson 25th episode

Paige was a 17 year old, fun loving mother of a two year old daughter. She lived in Northern Kentucky. September 23 2010 after a party she vanished.

Was close to family, and had really gotten more responsible since the birth of her daughter… though some say she still partied too hard and was a druggie. (Her teeth weren’t messed up and she wore small clothes, would have been hard to hide like track marks and things)

Around 1 am messaged her sister and told her she needed to talk.

She was Last seen with Jacob Bumpass, he claims around 1:30 am he dropped her off at a designated location. He has been arrested since on unrelated charges.

Late March 2020, a couple of deer hunters alert authorities of a burnt human skill, later found is more remains at it is identified as Paige.

Theory: She overdosed at the party, was dead the next morning and the hosts didn’t know what do do so they

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