Pat Stay’s Killer Arrested

Pat Stay’s Killer Arrested, Adam Joseph Drake Charged for Murder

In connection with the murder of rapper Pat Stay, a Canadian man was detained earlier this month. Adam Drake was accused of first-degree murder in the battle rapper’s passing on September 10. In the early hours of September 4 in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, the 36-year-old performer was stabbed. The 31-year-old Drake is accused of first-degree murder.

According to authorities, Drake was taken into custody in Tantallon. He had a court appearance in Nova Scotia. He will continue to be detained until his subsequent court date. His next court appearance was moved up until October 27 while his lawyers awaited disclosure from the prosecution.

In relation to the 2016 Halifax death of Tyler Keizer, 27, Drake was previously charged. According to Global News, he was charged with first-degree murder. After being shot on November 21, 2016, Keizer passed away at a nearby hospital. Although Drake was charged in 2019, the charge was dismissed just days before Drake’s trial began in October 2021. To show their support for Stay’s family, Keizer’s stepmother April Keizer and sister Justine went to Drake’s court appearance on Monday.

In our own situation, too, we need clarification, April Keizer told Global News. “I’m hopeful that fresh information or others who have been reluctant to speak up would now do so. Perhaps we can solve some of these other murders. We want the Stay family to know that they have our full support, that we are always available to them, and that we are deeply sorry for their loss.”

Senior Crown Attorney Rick Woodburn told reporters during the court on Monday that Keizer’s murder was unrelated to Stay’s passing and that the investigation is still underway. The prosecution said, “Mr. Drake’s background and these specific allegations, one has nothing to do with the other. “These are brand-new fees. This is a brand-new murder. We’re going to concentrate on this: the inquiry and potential legal action against Mr. Drake.”
Police in Woodburn and Nova Scotia have not disclosed information about how Drake was connected to Stay’s death. However, authorities have requested assistance from the public in locating a cell phone that may have been discovered close to the murder site. According to Halifax Regional Police spokesperson John MacLeod, a cell phone was handed over to authorities.

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