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Quinton, a 1-year-old, was reported missing on October 5 by his mother, who claimed that her boyfriend had seen him in the family’s Savannah home at around 6 a.m. She later awoke to find Quinton gone.
She called 911 shortly after 9:30 am and informed the dispatcher that Quinton couldn’t open the door but that she had discovered it open.
Responding cops were informed by the dispatcher that “he thinks someone came in and took him.”

Police conducted a thorough search of the region with assistance from the FBI and other surrounding law enforcement agencies.

Childminder speaks up
Quinton and his younger brother had been in the care of babysitter Diane McCarta for around six months. Even when their mother isn’t at work, she said she monitors the kids every day.

On October 5, McCarta claimed, she was scheduled to watch a child, but the family phoned her and informed her that she wasn’t required that day. When she later learned that the youngster had been reported missing, she thought it was strange that the plans had been altered so suddenly.

“I got a text this morning saying they would not be here, would not be babysitting them at 5:29 [a.m.] Which was kind of odd because I have them even when she doesn’t work,- Diane McCarta

“And then I get a text at 9 a.m. saying have I seen Quinton? I immediately go to their house. I try to help them look, but they didn’t want that. So, I’ve been just waiting around like everyone else.”

The Chatham County Police Department said it had responded to the home twice in the past, but neither call was about a missing child. The department also said the disappearance doesn’t seem to be related to any custody dispute and that all parties are cooperating in the investigation.

Leilani Simon didn’t contact the police until around 9 am that morning. But her boyfriend is the one that said that he saw Quinton at 6 am, not Leilani For all we know she could have been sleeping in. She did also state when she woke up she noticed there the front door was open. They do have a lot of people living in that house there is a possibility that the door was left ajar and the boy walked out and got lost and someone took him.

Harvy Moss Quinton’s Biological father claims he hasn’t seen his son in 8 months. His mother passed away on October 23rd and his father was in a critical hit-and-run on November 4th. And passed away. No suspect has been named in the hit-and-run.

Police believe that Quinton is not alive they have been searching the landfill for his remains. The police have not said why they think he might be in the landfill somewhere.

The mom has been seen at the bar while people look in the landfills but here is the thing, Would you really want to look for your child in a landfill? Presuming you have nothing to do with your lost child and you’re already getting attacked by social media and everyone you know. And you’re missing your baby would you really want to search for your baby in a landfill?

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