Robert Hollis

75 years old Legally blind

June 18 2015

inglewood california

His son found him in his apartment beheaded after no one has heard from him in 6 days

Family said they had no idea who would want to murder him

nothing was stolen

Choir member Mr. Bojangles

He was blind in his left eye his right eye he could see straight but not to side to side So he could text and see what is right in front of him but not see if someone was aproching him on his side

  A neighbor had called the son to report a concern that Hollis had not showed up to go shopping with the neighbor.

He was divorced

Ex-wife says she couldn’t get any answers from the inglewood police She was still in touch with him every day called him and kept in touch.

Why then didn’t she call police before when she couldn’t get ahold of him? It took 6 days for someone to find him

His head has never been recovered

The police have ruled out a robbery as a potential factor of his murder

There was gunshot reside on his clothing suggesting that he was shot elsewhere there was also no blood besides what was pretesting from his severed head. Doing a decapitation would be a messy job which suggests that he was murders at another location.

Every Sunday after his church services he would text his friend and waitress at a local diner Bridgett McDaniels to say he was on his way He would always come to Tal’s Cafe for his coffee and a sandwich every Sunday. They said he came for the people to interact with not just the food.

Some think because he was very religious that maybe his decapitation was part of a satanic ritual. With the date being so close to the summer solstice there is speculation that he was used for a satanic sacrifice. But most santanic rituals have stab wonds and there was none on Roberts body

There was however that gun residue which suggests that someone shot him.

But why kill Robert? And decapitation suggest anger and that it was someone he personally knew.

Maybe someone he knew at the diner? Did he say something to that crowd or one person that they saw as alarming? But also decapitation isn’t something that is done easily.

Could this be the work of an up and coming serial killer that wanted to know how it felt to kill someone but not just kill someone but decapitate someone. Knowing he was 75 years old and possibly stocked him he seemed to have a quite the same schedule. It would be easy to follow him especially with him being partially blind.

Someone could of also offered to help walk him home and taken him to a totally different location.

What a beheading feels like.

Possibly could he of been one of these communities of fetishes there are some people out there that fetish about being beheaded. There is science to suggest that even after a head has been severed that it can still have consciousness

No DNA found at his home. Could it be possibly a police officer? Knowing how to get rid of evidence? Maybe they hid the head in another county or even a different state?

I can’t believe someone didn’t see something, even if it seemed like it was normal someone who normally hung around him or anything any information can help this case.

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