Rosie Tapia

6 years old 1995

Rosies parents that night went out for a date night and put asked her Eldest daughter Emilia to watch her 6 year old sister Rosie while they went out. Emilia and Roise had a good relationship she said that night they played games and watched a movie until Rosie went to bed around 8 that night.

Rosies parents got home that night about 11:30 and her mother said she can not recall checking on Rosie that night She did however talked to her oldest daughter and confirmed with her that she was in bed.

When they woke up around 7am they realized that Rosie was missing and that her window was open and imminently called police.

Emilia Elizondo Rosies older sister who was 18 and babysitting her the night she went missing.

Rosie Tapia was was abducted through a window of the family’s basement-level home at the Hartland Apartments, 1616 W. Snow Queen. Their house faced Redwood Road, and Rosie was taken sometime between 2:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. on Aug. 13, 1995.

A few hours after she died, a man walking his dog found her body in a canal near 1900 West and 1200 South, just blocks from her home. She was still wearing her pajamas.An autopsy showed she had been raped and then drowned.

A person came forward in 1995 and told police that the night before Rosies body was found that they saw a teen around there and they just brushed him off he came forward again in 2010 and had a sketch artist draw who he think he saw 15 years ago.

Some speculate that her sister had a party that night and raped and killed Rosie. The families investigator says he doesn’t buy it. He says there is no evidence there was ever a party.

Danny Woodland came forward and said that the sketch looked similar to his old friend and that actually Danny use to live in the house that Rosie lived in when he was little. Danny commented saying that when they were younger he would drop off Danny and this friend would watch Danny sneak back into that same room that was Rosie’s was taken from that night.

He said his friend denied it was him. But Salt Lake police learned of both these men and contacted Jason Jensen, the Tapia’s private investigator. In an email, investigators asked Jensen for the names of Woodland and his friend.

This suspect’s full name has not been released yet.

The Familys detective says he knows the name and location of the man in question but this has not been made public yet but he said the SLC police is aware of him.

 “I text him and said ‘that looks like you dude.’”

The ABC article here.

in Febuary of this year 2020 police are actually looking for DNA from a wanted man the mans name will not be identified but it is speculation that police are looking for this man to do forensics against his.

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