The murder suspect asks the judge to lower the bond saying she will pay for it using her only fans account.

Hooters waitress murder suspect, 21, ‘who cheered on bloodbath baseball bat killing of man, 23’ asks judge to lower her bond to $50,000 and tells him she’ll use money in her ONLYFANS account to pay.

Zachary Wood, 23, was killed with a baseball bat in May, and Ashley Esselborn, 21, is charged with being a part of the crime.
Esselborn requested that her bond be reduced from $100,000 to $50,000 and stated that it might be possible for the money in her OnlyFans account to cover it.

The Hooters waitress claimed that although the money was locked and she was attempting to access it, she had at least $8,000 in the account just for her nude images.
Her bond was earlier reduced from $1 million when she was accused of murder.

In order to utilize money from her OnlyFans account to pay for her bond, a Hooters waitress accused of encouraging the savage murder of a 23-year-old who was beaten to death with a baseball bat asked the judge to decrease her bond.

Ashley Esselborn, 21, asked a Texas judge to reduce her bail from $100,000 to $50,000. She said that the money in her risqué account could likely be used to pay the $50,000 bail. Subscribers who want to access her X-rated content must pay her $12 per month.

Esselborn testified in court that she had at least $8,000 in the account only from her nudity, but that all of her money had been locked and she had been contacting OnlyFans corporate to get access to it. The waitress allegedly applauded as Payton Collier, William Bell, and Ronnie Lang beat Zachary Wood at his Wichita Falls house with their hands, feet, and a bat. They were all charged with first-degree criminal murder.

Zachary Wood was killed in what police called “a major bloodletting event” last May, and Esselborn is accused of being there. First-degree murder was the accusation against her.

The group is said to have attacked Wood because they believed he had taken their narcotics and cash while they were staying at his home.

Collier informed police that in addition to encouraging the hitting, Esselborn yelled at Wood as he was being beaten and yelled for him to reveal the location of the stolen goods.

The judge rejected It is still unknown if Esselborn participated in the assault or if she merely encouraged it.

She acknowledged to authorities that she witnessed the attack and assisted in throwing away bloody objects afterward, and Collier backed up her account by saying she watched from the sidelines.

the most recent plea for a reduction in her bond, which had already been lowered from $1 million in the spring.

Investigators, however, said that a witness told them that she overheard Esselborn boasting over the phone about how she had taken part in the attack on Wood and had escaped arrest.

Lang admitted guilt to the murder in September and is now incarcerated for 50 years. Lang is still in jail after posting a $500,000 bond, while Bell was out on a $200,000 bond. Plea agreements have been presented to all remaining defendants.



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