Tyler Davis

Tyler Davis, a young man just starting out his life, so much going on and so much future ahead. He was a manager of a fast food restaurant outside of Cincinnati Ohio. He had a wife, Brittany, and together they had a son, Aaron who was only about two years old. Brittany sometimes worked as a bartender. Both having jobs where they often worked night they were night owls, working different hours than many people. Being a young couple, it can be hard to find time to get out together, but they had an agreement to go out together at least three times a year, their anniversary and each of their birthdays.

Brittany’s birthday was February 24th, so the night of February 23, 2019 the couple had plans to get way for a night. They get ready to go and they head out, heading towards Columbus. They stop off on their way and meet with Tylers parents, they have a meal, and they give their son, Aaron, to Tyler’s parents who are going to be watching him for the evening while the couple has their night out.

Once arriving at their destination they checked into the Hilton Hotel at the Easton Town center. The Easton Town Center is a large shopping area, they have a few hotels, stores, restaurants and it is a pretty busy and bustling place. There are plenty of people around. It’s already late afternoon and the stores are bustling, but the couple being used to being up late is just starting their evening. After checking in around five they hang out at the hotel for a while, waiting to meet up with Tyler’s friend who was going to go out with them that night.

Now, I get that they were probably getting more dressed up for a night out, taking showers and things however it does seem odd to me that they would wait for him up in their room. This mall is huge, full of tons of stuff to do and for them to be there mostly to explore it seems odd that they wouldn’t want to start exploring. Some have wondered if it is possible that they were doing drugs, or something that they don’t want to talk about. Or possibly… they were doing things that weren’t illegal just personal?

The friend shows up, and they head out to just begin their night going out to bars. They start out at Bar Louie, which is there in the town suites. Then the go to adobe Gila’s which is also in the mall. These bars started to close, and the group being night owls isn’t quite done. So, they end up going around 20 minutes away to a gentlemen’s club and bar called The Dollhouse. Apparently, this was Brittany’s idea, she hadn’t even been to a gentlemen’s club before and she wanted to see what it was like. So they weren’t there and had a few more drinks.

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Near the end of the night Brittney went to the bathroom, when she came out she did overhear a slight commotion between the boys and a bouncer, the bouncer was informing them it was time to go and they were saying that they had to wait for someone in the bathroom. However it didn’t seem like a super big deal, and once she was out they left and took an uber the 20 minutes back to the hotel.

On the ride back to the hotel Tyler falls asleep, and when they woke him up back at the hotel he was very upset and disoriented. He kept on insisting that they were at the wrong place and that they weren’t where they were supposed to be. Getting out of the car he said he needed to clear his head and that he was going to take a walk. Brittany needs to use the bathroom and charge her phone so the friend said he would go check on Tyler while she went up to the room for about 10 minutes.

I would never have done this, this is so weird to me! I wouldn’t have gone upstairs while my partner who was drunk and disoriented went off on a walk… even if the friend says that they were going to check I wouldn’t have done it!!! Like, seriously I think I would have done more to get him upstairs, but I guess perhaps she was drunk too so maybe she wasn’t thinking right but it just seems odd to me that she would let him do that.

Around ten minutes later, Brittany comes downstairs, and the friend is coming in. He assured her that Tyler said he was just talking a walk and he would be right back. She tries to call him, and he doesn’t answer. However he does call right back. At 3:37 his call comes in, he claims that he is walking around the block and he would be right back.

Now, I really wonder what Tyler is doing, like what is going on in his head, like who when they thinks they are in the wrong place goes out and then walks around when they are already lost? Also, he obviously isn’t walking around the block as he says he is because at 4:10 he calls again. This time saying that he was in the woods but he could see the hotel and he would be there in 5 minutes. Now, if I were Brittney this certainly wouldn’t ease my mind because we already know he is lying and has no clue what he is talking about. I feel like I would already be out looking for him, but yet she at the moment just waits. He calls back two minute later but then there is just dead air, then he either hangs up, or what I feel is more likely his phone dies. After all, we know their phones were already running on low, Brittney had gone to charge her phone, Tyler has been wandering around I don’t suspect he has much battery left so it probably just dies at this point in my opinion.

At 4:30 the friend goes home???? He apparently only lives about 10 minutes away, and he is probably tired I don’t know what his regular schedule is, but still this seems like a super weird time to just abandon Brittney, and it also seems a bit suspicious. Why would he just go home now? Like what the hell is going on with this dude. First he lets Tyler just go, and then he hangs around a while but now just leaves after Tylers phone seemingly dies? This guy seems super strange in my book. A lot of people say Brittney’s story doesn’t add up, but I think that his is the weird thing. I mean honestly to me it seems strange that he was even there at all, like on their date but now he is just being super super weird!!

At 8 am… where Brittney is still in the hotel, she finally calls an old friend to help, getting worried that Tyler my have passed out somewhere and since it is February it could be cold, and would for sure be a problem. The friend comes and they go out searching, however they find no signs of Tyler.

After a decent search of the area, in a now becoming open and busy area, there is no sign of Tyler. At 10:30 she finally calls his parents, and the police to let them know what is going on. At this point in time she had already called all jails, all hospitals and done a search she was running out of options to do. Poor thing isn’t having a great birthday, like seriously who could have predicted this.

The police arrive at 12:30 (Speedy as always, taking a nice two hours to get there) but obviously they aren’t going to do anything. Being a missing persons case, they have to wait longer, technically Tyler hasn’t done anything wrong, and even though they are odd they don’t justify police action at this time… so the officers pretty much just leave.

Tyler’s family does come out though, and more friends and the search continues, they search the entire area, which once again this area is now busy and you would think that if Tyler were out there someone would have noticed him.

Finally on Tuesday February 26 it has been long enough that the police will consider him a missing person and join in the search. With police involved, they still don’t see any signs of Tyler, though we are able to get a bit more information. There is some video footage from the hotel where they see someone that could be Tyler… though it is somewhat blurry and it could also be the friend leaving the hotel.

The police are also able to access information from his phone and they are able to get a path of some of the places he went that evening.

It shows some of the walking path, though it cuts off, again possibly as his phone dies. They are also able to get a clip of him talking to his phone, he says “Take me to Easton Suites” showing that he was trying to get back to the hotel. This is a sign that he probably didn’t just run off, he wanted to get back to the hotel and for some reason couldn’t.

There are a lot of different theories to this case!

Suicide or ran off, many people think that he did something like this, however once again the fact that he tried to get directions back to the hotel make us lean away from this one as he was trying to get out.

Some people believe that Tyler went to make a drug deal, and that something happened with the dealer making it so that he couldn’t get back.

He was hit by a car, and the people inside didn’t want to get in trouble so they moved the body. This one sounds like a movie, not impossible but also seems more like something that would happen in a studio. Who knows though, maybe the people who hit him took inspiration. Also another theory besides just that they moved it is that he was hit by a car and then dragged far enough away and made him unrecognizable so he is a John Doe somewhere.

A very common theory is that he passed out somewhere and succumbed to the weather. Though this one is curious as to why the body wouldn’t be found in such a populated area.

It’s possible in an ever expanding area that he could have wandered a construction site and got injured there. Or, in a similar theory that he fell into an open grate or manhole that got closed and no one thought to look there.

He asked someone to help and he chose the wrong person to “Help” him.

Now, lastly, I obviously have to mention aliens…. seriously it makes as much sense as any of these other theories. What do you think?

There have been several UFO sightings in Ohio. But none have been recorded on that date. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been Aliens there is just not any documentation that supports that it is.

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