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Who was found dead on the property of the Tru Colors brewery in downtown Wilmington NC

This Brewery hires active gang members from rival gangs to help decrease gun violence.

He was found the day after Easter at the Tru Colors parking lot.

Police had run into who had run into Val D’Auvray 24 hours before he was found dead.

His father also named Val D’Auvray reported him missing on April 12, 2022, and he was found on April 18, 2022

The police said that Val D’Auvray was acting paranoid, saying someone was chasing him and that someone who has a mental illness was involved. He had been in a meth house before and homeless by choice and Val D’Auvray believed he was being chased. His brother Xan said the police had found a bat.

He was found half-naked with a wound on the back of the head. But the police originally told the family that he was fully dressed. His father said had this been a higher class of society he thinks this case would have been taken more seriously.

NC does not have any laws that make it so if a police officer comes into contact with a missing person they must report it back to the family or detain them.

The Family said the video of a police camera shows him saying he was concerned someone was chasing him and that when he first spoke with police they told him that Val was shirtless and did not have any shoes on and that he was on drugs the video shows that he is wearing shoes and a shirt and does not seem to be on drugs at that time.

Xan’s Tiktok

Body cam

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