Ways your business can help the missing.

By becoming a poster partner or a safeguarding briefing partner, you may assist us in being a lifeline in cases of missing persons.

When a vulnerable missing person is suspected to be in their region, these particular partners are immediately provided posters or briefings.

Poster Partners
When someone goes missing in their neighborhood or when a missing person is thought to be in their neighborhood, organizations and companies that cooperate with poster partners agree to publicly display posters of appeals on their properties. This means that you can receive flyers stating that a person is missing from a location far from your business. Following information from the police and family members, specific appeals are made. Putting up these posters makes the search for the missing more visible. A person who promotes sightings and gives the families of the missing hope and assistance.

Businesses including cafes, libraries, shops, workplaces, bars, pubs, and restaurants are a few examples of poster partners. Our posters can look wonderful on community notice boards, especially in smaller towns. In the hunt for a missing person, our poster partners are essential and can make a significant difference.

Any Donations go to help making more episodes and to go towards helping the missing.

Safeguarding Briefing Partners

Protecting Partner Briefings
Projects that deal with kids and/or adults and either fulfill a safeguarding function or seek to improve wellbeing are referred to as Safeguarding Briefing Partners. Hostels, soup kitchens, mental health support agencies, and any other organization that helps children or adults through a difficult period, including volunteer and statutory organizations, are examples of Safeguarding Briefing Partners. To keep Safeguarding Briefing Partners informed, we send briefings.

In addition to providing guidance and support to the Safeguarding Briefing Partner and the missing person, we send briefings to Safeguarding Briefing Partners advising them of a missing person in their neighborhood.

We provide briefings to areas after receiving information from the police and family members, much like we do with our posters. This implies that occasionally you will receive briefings for both individuals missing locally and those missing from distant cities or perhaps other areas of the country.

There are times when police warn us that they believe publicity is inappropriate for a missing person inquiry, but that being able to share missing person information with safeguarding organizations would be essential to their search and to make sure the missing person is given the correct care.

We ask our Safeguarding Briefing Partners to keep the information of a missing person discreet, only discuss it with their personnel and volunteers, and not make it available to the general public.

We will collaborate with you to provide advice on how to best assist a missing person and what you can do to assist them in discussing their options. There is no obligation to contact Missing People if a missing person accesses your project, and we won’t ever ask you for information about your service users.

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