What True Crime Obsessed got wrong about Andrea Knabel’s case

It really upsets me that they didn’t even go to Erin Knabel who has been very upfront and honest and willing to do interviews about her sister.

Things they got wrong:

True crime Obsessed says that she was a PI and worked for missing in America – This is not true Andrea never had a PI license she did not work for missing in America she volunteered occasionally but this was not her full-time job. She didn’t get paid to do her volunteer time.

They said that this group had a 96% success rate of finding people. I can not find anywhere that proves that this is or is not true.

Andrea Knabel

True crime Obsessed says ” One of the women who found a missing person in 4 days flat is now missing” There is no evidence to support that they have found a woman who went missing and then was found in four days flat by this group or by Andrea herself.

True crime-obsessed says:

Nancy says she is Andrea’s best friend.

Andrea has two sons with separate fathers and both boys were with their dads at the time she went missing and both of them have been cleared.

They also state that Sarah and Ethan were living in Sarah’s mom’s house at the time and were also remodeling it. They were staying there to only help with renovations not living there full time.

True crime Obsessed also said that we have no idea why Andrea was staying at her mom’s house. This is simply not true. If you ask Erin who is so open and willing to talk about Andrea’s case you will know that Andrea was having some issues at the time and she was staying at her mom’s to get back on her feet.

Andrea Knabel

True crime obsessed also said that they talked to Erin which simply isn’t true! That clip in that they said they talked to her is from the documentary. They also imply that Erin is just saying she wishes she could go back and change the way things were that night when True crime obsessed says you’re lying just be honest with us.

True Crime Obsessed question for you…… HOW can you say to someone that they are lying about wishing their loved one would come home when you haven’t even talked to them? When they are willing to talk to you and express to you what really happened and not only do you parade around and make it seem like she doesn’t care about her sister’s disappearance when you won’t even contact her! When I have personally messaged you, Emailed you, tagged you and you won’t say a damn thing! How fucking dare you! You have no idea what Erin has gone through. Seriously you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Andrea Knabel

True Crime Obsessed also said that Sarah and Ethan were the only ones who got interviewed twice and said that Mike her dad wouldn’t answer to why they were interviewed twice. They also say that Mike said he hates Ethan and Sarah and they all just hate each other. Then they also say that Ethan and Sarah bail so they don’t have to be questioned anymore and move to Louieville KY.

They also mention that the family must hate Andrea and that is why she doesn’t have a key to the house.

This is simply not true Sarah and Ethan went to Louisville because they live there. They were only up here because they were helping Sarah’s parents renovate their house. The reason Andrea didn’t have a key was that she was possibly and having people whom her mom didn’t know and trust in her house and she didn’t want them in her home when she wasn’t home. And that is her right that is her house. I can honestly say I wouldn’t want random people in my home all the time.

Kentucky bridge

True crime Obsessed also said that Susette’s car was seen crossing the bridge the same night that Andrea went missing this is also untrue. Susette’s tole statement showed that she did not cross the bridge that night. And they called her a liar but they found the tole statement was at 3:16 pm not am

True Crime Obsessed: They also say that again Sarah hated Andrea and that Sarah was mad that Mike the dad was spending time looking for Andrea and not being there for her. And that her mom is nowhere to be found.

Again True Crime Obsessed you’re wrong Sarah did not hate Andrea and her dad loves all of his daughters they are all just grieving in a different way. Some people don’t want to be in the spotlight when it comes to these things. And that is okay her mom doesn’t have to talk about this.

True crime Obsessed also stated that Andrea was a different person from different people. And that she is struggling with something and they just don’t know what.

Andrea Knabel

I just want to scream right now guys…. Like seriously? If you had the decency to even just talk to Erin you would know what Andrea was struggling with and why she was not a chameleon.

True crime obsessed also said that Andrea’s case is connected to another case that was a big case this is simply just not true. Once they found out that this was a very big case with a lot of dangerous people they pull out and Andrea never worked on the case.

True Crime Obsessed implies that Tracy burned down his own building that had Andrea’s case files in it. They said Erin said that Andrea said that Sarah hit her. They also said that the fact that Andrea didn’t have a key to the house means that they didn’t want her there. Erin states that she doesn’t know if Sarah hit her or not. She wasn’t there she just knows what Andrea and Sarah told her. True crime obsessed also said that Erin was being suspicious and not giving them everything. And that Andrea was the black sheep and ganging up on her.

Which this isn’t true. Erin originally offered to give Andrea a ride and she refused to haver her do so she was upset that Erin wouldn’t allow her to stay with her which Erin didn’t want her in with her substance abuse and her bringing random people into her moms house and I can say I wouldn’t want drugs and random people in my house either. She said she didn’t want a ride and was upset and then was on her phone it looked like she was messaging someone. Erin said that she watched her sister from the window and noticed that she walked away closly after.

Adriann Barrett

True crime obsessed also says that the changed the locks to keep Andrea out. Which isn’t true. They weren’t trying to keep her out they were trying to make sure they knew were coming in and out of there house.

Andrea’s ex boyfriends girlfriend states that Andrea took over his meth business. And Then she says that Sarah and Andrea got into a fist fight the night before. She claims that her and Andrea were friends but I don’t know how much of this is true.

True crime obsessed also states that because of her meth use she was having sores all over her face because she thought something was on there.

Erin her sister has debunked this stating that no that is not true but in fact both her and Andrea have esema and it happends on there faces as well.

True Crime obessed also says that Andrea was using countorfit money they talk about the storage unit so in this storage unit is Andrea’s stuff as well as her ex roomates things in it as well. Andrea’s ex roomate use to do some film production and this fake $100 bill was money that they used in films but True crime obsessed says that she was making this counterfit money

True crime obsessed also says that Andrea had several different facebook pages what they don’t say is that a lot of those facebook pages were made after she went missing. Not before. She only had one page before she went missing and that page now has been disabled.

True crime Obsessed also said that Andrea was sleeping with Ethan.

They also state that Andrea was doing meth which is also not ture.

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