Suzanne Morphew’s Husband’s plea to retain his items.

Suzanne Morphew is a Colorado woman who went missing on Mother’s Day, May 10, 2020, while on a bike ride in the Maysville area. Her disappearance sparked a large search effort, and her family and law enforcement officials have been seeking information about her whereabouts.

Despite extensive searches, including the use of drones, cadaver dogs, and hundreds of volunteers, no trace of Suzanne Morphew has been found. The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office has been leading the investigation, and they have not publicly identified any suspects or persons of interest in the case. The FBI and CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation) have also been involved in the investigation.

Suzanne Morphew’s family has offered a $200,000 reward for information leading to her safe return, and her husband, Barry Morphew, has also publicly pleaded for her safe return.

A Colorado man who had previously been charged with murder in connection with the disappearance of his wife attempted to recover property that had been taken by law enforcement.

Tuesday saw a hearing for Barry Morphew in Fremont County. A motion to restore the property was submitted on May 26, according to court records. On April 18, Barry’s criminal charges associated with Suzanne’s disappearance were dropped. Barry’s belongings had been in the hands of the prosecution for over two years, and the motion claims that “there is no nexus between the goods and the location or circumstances of Mrs. Morphew’s disappearance.”

On Tuesday, a court rejected the motion and ruled that the evidence would not be returned. Barry didn’t show up for the hearing. On Mother’s Day in 2020, Suzanne was reported missing in the Salida region. Her remains have not been located as of yet. As the search for Suzanne goes on, KKTV 11 News Correspondent Jack Heeke visited Salida on Monday to speak with locals. Despite the fact that it has been months since Suzanne vanished, many people aren’t giving up hope. Missing Suzanne posters can be found all throughout the town of Salida.

Barry’s attorneys submitted the motion to recover his property.
Iris Eytan, the lawyer for Morphew, said in a statement that “we contended in the motion the things should be released to Barry since they are being wrongfully detained for no valid purpose.” “Bernard is innocent, as the law understands, and in this country, we simply do not detain people’s property indefinitely when no charges are filed. As you may remember, Ms. Stanley [the 11th Judicial District Attorney] rejected the “no-body homicide” because she erroneously thought that a body was necessary to press charges against Barry after two years. Nine days before trial in April 2022, Ms. Stanley claimed they were on their way to Suzanne but were stopped by 6 feet of snow. Ms. Stanley claimed they were on their way to Suzanne but were prevented from doing so by the 6 feet of snow covering the land. This was obviously a false promise made by the prosecution to avoid a trial that would have cleared Barry.

The bottom of this story has a copy of the motion the District Attorney’s office sent on June 17 in response to Barry’s request. The prosecution claims in its answer that it may later utilize the things it took as evidence.

Part of the motion submitted by the district attorney’s office states that “the People have a claim to all property confiscated for use in a future prosecution.” “Moreover, since the People do not want to surrender the property, no hearing is necessary. Instead, we want to keep it safe in case there is ever a need for legal action.


– May 10, 2020: Suzanne Morphew reported missing.

– May 11, 2020: Search crews are called to the area she was believed to be in near hear Chaffee County home.

– May 15, 2020: Items belonging to Suzanne were found.

– May 17, 2020: Barry, the husband of Suzanne, shares a video with the public asking for help with finding her. It can be viewed at the bottom of this article.

– May 19, 2020: Authorities search the Morphew home.

– May 22, 2020: A separate residential property is searched, where a concrete foundation had just been poured

– May 5, 2021: Barry Morphew is arrested

-April 18, 2022 Murder charges dismissed.



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